Water is just amazing. I feel like we will never fully understand water even though it seems so simple. I recommend watching the video below, it gives good information about water and this info could help you better understand your crystal cells better.

Crystal Cells and Bubbles

If you ever build a crystal cell or even a simple water battery you notice sometimes that bubbles will form on the electrodes. You might be wondering what do these bubbles do? I have a idea that these bubbles are the reason why the electrodes corrode, thanks to Cavitation!

Cavitation is a real big problem with boats impellers and it all has to do with bubbles. I bet you didn’t know that bubbles are one of the most destructive things in the world? Watch the video below to have your mind blown and to help you better understand that the bubbles could be the reason why your crystal or water cells corrode.


Magnet Motor Ideas

I always wanted to build a magnet motor, and have tempted many times. I always failed in trying to make a magnet motor work until I came across this great idea for one. Even though it in the video it never worked it still gave me a idea of my own. You see he’s missing one important thing, you need two forces working to make these motors work. The first force is the magnet of course but you need to add one more for continuous motion. Stay tuned for future work on this idea.


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